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My First College Graduation as a Full-Time Professor

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Tuesday evening I experienced my very first graduation here at the College (and, more importantly, my first graduation as a full-time instructor).  I found myself surrounded by joyful peers of all age groups and backgrounds, excited students (also wonderfully diverse), and a feeling of glee that I didn’t expect to experience.  At times I couldn’t help but laugh–it was such an enjoyable feeling.  I finally felt the “I’ve made it” jubilation of being a teacher in my dream job.  I was surrounded by some old friends, and some new ones, and many others whom I’ve not really gotten to know yet but who all seem to share the same sense of happiness that they work in a great place, are able to enjoy themselves as professionals and colleagues, and share also a feeling of family.

Today we held our Employee Recognition day (at the upstate campus).  Once again, I saw the cohesiveness of my new professional family.  Of all the places a person could choose to work, I’m very happy to be part of this group.  I feel that I can help accomplish great things working alongside of and with them.

[Note:  For this and future blog posts, I am not going to specifically name the College in my posts.  It’s of course obvious where I work, but since I try to be as non-specific about PEOPLE I may as well carry that over to PLACES, too].


Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

On campus so far I have come across a number of creatures.  The first was a baby painted turtle (who is now making her home with us).  She was crawling along the concrete floor of the building in which is my current office.  Then I saw a small copper head snake out on the gravel road.  I’ve also seen a blue-striped salamander (or some such lizard), a number of fish, more painted turtles (one of which bit another’s head), and even a rather large snapping turtle (which looked like something out of a dinosaur film).

I wonder what other creatures I will come across as I traverse the campus.