About my e-mail signature

I was asked today in an email what the -/+ means when I provide an electronic signature.  (You’ll see what I mean at the end of my response).  I thought this would make for an interesting blog post.


It has a dual (actually trifold) meaning  ;0)

1) The -+ represents electricity (battery terminals or pos/neg charges, for instance).  This is my way of tipping my hat to Physics.

2) The + represents the cross shown in all of my signatures (Christianity).

3) The -+ also shows a balance–pointing to my well-balanced nature, haha.

I was taught from a young age that your signature tells a lot about you, and I took it to heart.  It’s a personal and daily reminder to me of my convictions while (although “public”) being unobtrusive to others.  Plus it lets me celebrate my love of Physics.  :0)


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